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A complete Pocket-Book to optimize page speed of Shopify

Are you looking forward to gain maximum traffic with minimum load time and bounce back rate? Are you eagerly looking forward to optimize your page speed and grow your audience engagement? Do you want to surge fast and streamlined business continuity for your online Ecommerce Store?

Well, if your answer is yes, that you need to hurry up and get the task commissioned to a service provider. Because the only and one-stop solution would be to, optimize page speed Shopify.

This article will unveil the methods that we invariably put on the table and get you an answer of How to optimize Shopify store speed.

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Shopify speed optimization

Why you need to optimize page speed of Shopify?

The experience of any visitors is the most integral factor for the success of any Ecommerce store. More will be the speed; higher will be the audience engagement. Some important aspects for which you need to plug in to Shopify speed optimization are:

  • Better user experience
  • Higher audience engagement
  • Smooth and functional website
  • Low bounce back rate
  • Sustain frequent visitors
  • Higher return on investment

Factors Affecting the Page Speed of Your Shopify Store

Among innumerable factors, there are some prominent glitches that predominately affect the speed of your Shopify Store.

Some of them are:

  • Heavy images and files
  • Weak Server
  • Use of many Shopify applications
  • Too many server requests

Fundamental Steps of Shopify speed optimization

In today’s digital era where the Ecommerce businesses are witnessing relentless leaps and bounces, the only thing that matters to sustain your visitors is Speed!

Shopify speed optimization is the only solution to deliver a smooth and rational service to your customers that would eventually lead to the inflation of your online store in the respective marketplace.

So, let us dig down deep into the topic and evaluate the basic steps of optimizing the speed of your Shopify Store.

1.     Shopify Image Optimization

Shopify Image Optimization

Higher is the resolution of the images, lesser will be the page speed. So, few methods of optimizing the Shopify images are:

  • Encourage scaled images
  • Incorporate lazy loading
  • Picture tag usages
  • Optimize every image
  • Sprite images

2.     Minimize the redirection to your Site

Minimize the redirection to your Site

The biggest factor that drastically affects the speed of your Ecommerce store is too many redirections to your sites. Use the in-built redirect features known as “URL redirect”.

The following steps would be:

  • Go to Online Stores and click Navigation
  • Click URL Redirects
  • Add a redirect URL

3.     Reduction in the number of request

For fast loading of your site, you need to focus on number of site request. More will be the number of request; slower will be the speed of the site. Gtmetrix is a viable tool that enables you to check out the number of generated request on your website page. This offers you a clear opportunity of improving the score by reducing the number of request.

4.     Delete unnecessary application

Delete unnecessary application

Delete the unnecessary and inactive application from your site. This will finally lead to the minimization of request and enhancement of speed website speed.

5.     Minify js & CSS

Minify js & CSS

This will allow you to consolidate all the js file in one console. Some available tools to get the job done are:

  •  JavaScript-Minifier
  • MinifyCode
  • Minifier
  • JSCompress

6.     Empower browser caching

Leveraging browser caching speed is an important method of decreasing the load time and enable faster download. If a customer will visit you site, the data will be automatically fetched from browser caching that will consequently decrease the load time, thus widening up the experience of the visitor.  

7.     Eradicate render blocking stuff

Render blocking can be eradicated by removing the critical code out of head. As js and CSS files are included in Head Code in most of the cases, the method will maximize the website speed like anything.

8.     Reduce https request  

Reduce https request

In case there is more https request, browser can predominately stop responding properly. Thus, eliminating the https request is one of the best initiatives to improve the page speed.

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Shopify speed optimization

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In the era of digital evolution, especially after the advancement of 4th Industrial Revolution, Ecommerce stores and websites are encompassing the life of people. Thus, a sheer augmentation of Shopify business, particularly the optimization of page speed is vital and imperative for consumer experience.

So, you have to rely on a go-to service provider in order to seize the maximum benefit and encourage the concurrent users to visit your store.

Choose wisely and choose Shopivogue to brighten up every possibility of business!

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