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Which are the trending Shopify Payment Gateways Methods in 2022?

Lately, Shopify has been the leading Ecommerce development platform that has created a big buzz in today’s marketplace. And if you are eagerly looking forward to build your own unique Ecommerce store on Shopify, this Article is going to be precisely beneficial for you.

The most important part of any business is transaction. It is the fundamental foundation that propels the growth of any business. So, let’s talk about the technology that facilitates this transaction i.e. payment gateway. Payment gateway has always been the important part of any online business and Shopify holds the same notion.

Therefore we shall discuss the Best Shopify Payment Gateways that have the potential of driving a relentless change for the success for this Ecommerce platform development business.

Popular Shopify Payment Gateway in Market

The backend processing of Shopify is known as Stripe Processing System. This allows the receiver to process the payment on real-time and makes it reflect on the dashboard. This further enables them to examine the status of the payment without the usage of any external platforms.

So, let’s make a list of top Shopify payment gateways in the market.

Shopify Payment

  • It does not have any transaction fee almost across every geographical location.
  • You can make a quick payment without any third-party application involvement.
  • Outstanding check out option is available by accepting local currencies
  • 3D and secured check out option is also available
  • You can easily track your payments and orders in one frame.


  • You will be offered an instant integration with API, just within 10 minutes
  • It accepts all the medium of payment like cards, wallets, banks, pay later, zip payment
  • 24*7 chat and Email service is available
  • Offers financial and revenue generation report


  • This payment gateway has more than 400 billion active customers across the globe.
  • It is a highly scalable tool for your business
  • It assists you in making effective payment strategy for your unique business
  • Even if it is a cross-border payment, PayPal deploys a smooth and safe transaction
  • PayPal charges different fees for different countries. In India it is INR 3 for each transaction.


  • This also allows you to see the real time dashboard that is comprised of orders and payments.
  • Customers can arrange their recurring payments with subscription
  • It takes only 24 hours to integrate and get live
  • The risk management features available in the system gives proper notification about and fraudulent or suspicious transaction.
  • The WorldPay payment gateway comes up with 2 plans. Gateway Standard and Gateway Advance. Gateway standard would cost you INR 1186.18 per month and Gateway Advance would cost you 4467.26 per month.

Amazon Pay

  • It offers you a dedicated team of account and technical support. They address all your queries and concerns. It is one of the best payments Gateway for Shopify.
  • The fast and quick technology integration reduces the cost and effort of development.
  • This gateway gives an easy processing of subscription, future payment and recurring payment.
  • With hi-tech technology, the fraudulent and suspicious transaction gets detected that forms the unique feature of this payment gateway.  
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  • The most outstanding feature is the digital invoice that you can generate, customize and send to the customers.
  • It is the Best payment gateway for Shopify, an award-winning payment method that offers you 24*7 technical support by human executives
  • With the dynamic CMS system, you don’t need to enter the information every time you make the payment
  • Easy check-in, check-out, buy-now and donate-now button.


  • Just with a single contract and one API, you can bring Skrill to your business and start making payments
  • With a tap you can make easy and non-disruptive payments.
  • It also supports various payment methods like wallets and banks
  • It offers you justifiable transaction fee and charges.


  • You can monitor, manage and maintain the payment gateway, just using a single dashboard.
  • It also gives you alerts and notification when the suspicious activities are detected
  • It is a high-speed and consolidated payment platform
  • It offers safe, compliant and east payment to its customers


  • It offers you a holistic and 360 degree support with marketing and analysis team
  • With smooth payment method and streamlined checkout option, it enhances the experiences of the customers
  • It is the Best payment gateway for Shopify that is highly scalable and meets the compliance threshold.
  • It also offers installment payment


  • This gateway allows you to share links via text and Emails
  • No additional fee for chargeback or refund is implied
  • Payment can also be redirected to Google Pay, Apple Pay, Phone Pay or any other Cash App Pay
  • Alerts and notification of fraud and suspicious payment is given to the customers
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So, these are the top payment methods that invariably improve the experience of the customers. If you are looking for best Shopify payment gateways, this Article is ought to be helpful for you.