Brand Overview

Mirrar is an eCommerce platform using which customers can experience their products like Jewelry, Apparel, Furniture, etc., using their Augmented Reality Commerce Platform on Magento and Shopify. Mirrar is best for the industries like Jewelry, Optical, Apparel, Furniture, etc. Through Mirrar customers can try their products at their own comfort using the Mobile application.


Mirrar wants to publish their own Shopify app to the Shopify app store and they contact another Shopify agency for the same. But the app they developed was used to get a rejection from the Shopify app store. They also faced some functional issues that the previous agency was not able to resolve. At that stage, they are not confident enough if the app will get launched or not. And the same issue they faced for their Magento extension to publish on the Magento store.


The client contacted us through referrals. Our team has started the review process of both the Shopify app and Magento extension and they asked us to submit detailed audit reports first and within a couple of days we submitted the details to them. Then after a perfect conversation we started working on their Shopify app and Magento extension as they prefer. Within a week finally we were able to get their Shopify app published to the Shopify app store in a very first attempt only. Thankfully, the same we did with the Magento extension too and that was also published in the first attempt only.


Mirrar app is successfully running in the Shopify app store ( and they are getting good responses from the users as well. Now they are confident enough about their product and have already started marketing.