Size chart matters when it comes to fitness right? The application we are talking about is excellent for the user to avoid manual selection of the size which is actually time consuming. This application gives size suggestions based on the input given by the users like weight, height, fitting, and their overall body shape with graphical layout so based on that apparel size is shown for the user.


The client was having the requirements but they weren’t aware about the functional module which is necessary, they even don’t know how to implement the Shopify solution for his clients so he reached out to us.


Firstly, we analyzed the problem and shared our detailed understanding with the client. Initially, he was unsure about the possibility of the solution but after our discussion he agreed to check the practical implementation of it. Actually, they gave us a design for the app front end part and we designed the backend part on our own. Our role was to implement both front and backend design in the Shopify in client partner account. To meet client expectations we have started to work overtime on this project as the client wants the project ready in a short span of time. We have also created an excel sheet to share the daily progress of our work with which client was also closely monitored and we also showed them a demo of our work during our frequent calls. Kudos!, we were able to finalize all the changes which client gave us and client also reviewed everything from his end by installing the app on multiple stores.


The only challenge for us was to finish the project within 3 weeks of time but we were able to finish the given project as per the predefined timeline and the client also liked our professionalism and working style. Now, by looking into the quality and quick solution provided by us, the client also gave us his other project so we are thankful to the client for it.