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How the applications built on Shopify platform facilitates impeccable data protection?

Today the business across any ecommerce platform is showing a great leap and bound in regard to the accomplishment of 360 degree operational functionality. Among which data protection has been one of the major concern. To protect the sensitive and confidential data of the customers is an integral aspect. It would not only increase the brand value of the business but also make it flourish across a global scale.

So, in this article we will get to know that how the latest updates on Shopify platform for Shopify data protection that brings out a complete functional delivery. 

Major data privacy apps in Shopify updates 2022

You’re a bustling entrepreneur maintaining your ecommerce business, and exploring the best Shopify data protection that you can use to upgrade your Shopify store. Thus, we ventured to do this legwork for you.

These applications can assist you with being agreeable with the security regulations (like GDPR) and consistently sell your products across nations.

By taking a gander at the application store rating, the quantity of surveys, the application’s top elements, and other boundaries, we have organized the best GDPR applications. We trust this will help you in your examination to pick the best application for your store.

Let’s jot down the prominent data privacy apps

GDPR Cookie Compiler

A customized application with tailor-made interface that has the color, scale, style and fonts to suit the modern business. Multi Language + eu Countries: Gdpr Cookie Complier Support All languages and provide banner view option for eu countries only. The application is completely free and there are no hidden charges applicable across any geographical location. It is one of the best application for Shopify data protection.

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GDPR+CCPA cookie management 

With browser consent bar that seeks customer’s permission for the cookies used in the website and has the full customizable delivery of colors, places, keys, messages, and this format is best for the data protection apps in modern businesses.

Gdpr/ccpa Request Page: In a moment, make a gdpr/ccpa Request page and reference it in your shop. This is one stage in causing the visitors to feel better.

Gdpr/ccpa records + Export: Admin panel that rundowns all agrees to the privacy policy (produced using the treat bar) and requests for cancellation of individual information.

AVADA Cookie bar

AVADA Cookie Bar guarantees Shopify merchants agree with EU’s information security standards by scrutinizing clients’ agree to give their data. Utilizing the Cookie Bar applications, you will get your guests’ consent to lawfully gather and utilize their own information with just a straightforward snap. Furthermore, you can show the protection strategy in the cookie bar to give shoppers more subtleties. To make your cookie bar alluring and remarkable with Shopify data protection, this application offers different choices to consummate the plan, like shocking themes, various varieties, and focal positions.

The Cookie Bar and GDPR application shows your obligation as an information regulator by zeroing in on clients’ data security, working on your store’s standing. With non-specialized prerequisites, it requires just 2 minutes to set up the Cookie Bar and gain clients’ trust.

Introduce AVADA Cookie Bar and keep your business from GDPR penalties immediately. Can hardly hold back to see the expert look of your store!

Key features:

  • Ready to alter the assent content in the cookie pennant
  • Permit to show the cookie bar in EU or all countries
  • Add the security strategy connect in the cookie standard
  • Various topic layouts accessible
  • Openly redo the cookie bar plan with cutting edge settings and CSS

EU GDPR cookie notification by Omega

The EU GDPR Cookies Notification application is a valuable application for the Shopify storekeepers who are searching for Shopify data protection. The EU GDPR Cookies Notification application is one of the most remarkable Shopify applications, with numerous extraordinary highlights, retailers can make their store all alone with adjustable capabilities. The clients can plan the formats which can dazzle the guests from the beginning. Also, the EU Cookies Notification will illuminate the customers that the stores are utilizing the treat. By the agreement of the customers with the terms, they can conceal the treat for quite some time. Particularly, this application integrates with the EU Cookie Law. At long last, the customers can partake in the advantages from the EU GDPR Cookies Notification application during going out on the town to shop.

Key Features

  • Limit least age
  • Give two elaborate themes
  • Make the quality background
  • Integrate with Google Analytics and Google Ads
  • Support the presentation configurable extension
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Booster: EU Cookie bar GDPR

With browser consent bar for GDPR that is obliged to EU law is also a major application suited for modern ecommerce business. With one click, adjustable and secured option, this functionality has been a boost for online platform. The Secure enforcement with cookies – GDPR is making the other application run for business. 


Thus, these are the major data protection apps in the Shopify platform. Shopify data protection is an essential forte of ecommerce business and these functionality would certainly get it done. Hope this piece of article is useful to you.