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A Complete Guide On Hire Shopify Development Company

Required Shopify developer but getting unclear about how to hire Shopify development company? But do not worry in this article we will solve your query so have a cup of coffee and read till the end!

Starting an online business store is not just about setting up a website or developing an application, it is more than that. There is a lot that goes into analyzing the market, the products set up online, promoting and selling them, and finding the name for the brand in the market, all taste required to be handled professionally. So, in this situation, merchants can reach out to a developer or Shopify eCommerce development company to get their help with the online store. 

Shopify developers are well-specialized personnel in the Shopify website or Shopify application. They know unique insights and have more development experience than those who are not specialized. A better understanding of how Shopify works and its Shopify payment methods, navigation, inventory system, and checkout procedure. A certified Shopify developer comes up with the up to the mark solution for every issue of their clients. Extensive knowledge and best practices of Shopify developers in web development ensure that the website works flawlessly and smoothly. So, let us start with How to hire Shopify development company! 

How To Select The Best Shopify Development Company

Various points need to be considered while choosing the best among various options. So, you can consider the following steps to select shopify app development company: 

#1 Prepare A Brief Project Requirement 

Knowing the requirement brief is not necessary for merchants to follow up. Preparation of the brief project requirement lets merchants know about the requirements of the business before they reach out to Shopify development agency. Researching out the similar brands and their strategy lets merchants know about their needs, it is essential to prepare a document on it with requirements in a brief. With this file, the Shopify development agency will help merchants in achieving their target with the fulfillment of requirements and needs. Let us have a look at the document template of the brief project requirements. 


  • Marketing specialist 
  • The needs of marketing specialist to handle various functions or a Shopify developers help in marketing


  • Social media manager 
  • Content creation with SEO service 
  • Email marketing.
  • Advertisement on social sites by influencers


  • Brand awareness with improvement in the relationship with the users.
  • Minimization of abandoned cart cases. 

#2 Estimate Your Budget 

After preparing brief project requirements now there is a need to understand how much budget is available for investment in hiring a Shopify plus development company. The budget is need to finalize before giving the project to any company, so that they can manage costs accordingly. 

#3 Start Shortlist Shopify Company 

Now start shortlisting the agencies as per their performance rating and budget merchants can invest. After looking at the few company profiles you need to shortlist Shopify development companies and contact them. Call appointment is taken to understand their expertise on various aspects of Shopify and how they complete their projects. 

#4 Things To Discuss With Shopify Company 

After having a conversation on call or by meeting them now it is time to make a final decision of hiring Shopify development agency based on their testimonials or live projects. 

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#5 Project Timeline 

Now this is the time to have a meeting with developers to discuss the entire project briefly. Have a clear conversation with developers on a call or in a meeting. It is really important to have a prior discussion with the company about any issues and deadlines so talk on that part too. 

#6 Deliverables 

Shopify development agency will make sure that you get the certified developers for your project who have the in-depth technical knowledge and expertise required in timely delivery of the project. 

#7 Engagement Model 

Developing agencies must focus on improving customer engagement with their model for separating from competitors. The engagement model is the process in which the agency approaches the management of the customer during their journey post-sales. 

#8 Certifications They Have 

Make sure that the shopify plus development company have a approved certificate and enough experience of eCommerce development. 

#9 Communication Skills 

Communication plays a major role in the smooth development of a business. A smooth communication flow ensures the class and success of the project. The Shopify development company will communicate timely throughout the project or a development process and must give you a complete update of the project. It is important to choose the development agency fulfilling the requirement of effective communication. 

#10 Go Through Shopify Portfolio 

Business portfolio or the projects completed by the Hire Shopify development company you choose for your project plays a significant role. The work portfolio of the company helps you to get in-depth information and experience details. By reviewing portfolio and quality of work you can thoroughly judge the services provided by the chosen Hire Shopify development company. 

#11 Ask For Previous Client Reference 

Choose the developers who have a decent number of testimonials and take reviews from their clients. Client reviews will help you to get more information regarding the development agency’s working pattern, and also their accuracy of delivering a bug-free complete project.  

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Selecting a Shopify development company is not a rocket science, but you must need to be careful while choosing from the shortlisted companies. You need to take care of the certification, your budget, their past performances, etc. And if you are looking for a best Hire shopify development company then ShopiVogue is the best match of what you are looking for! 

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