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How to add custom field with easy method on Product Page?

In today’s era of digital technology where, clients and customers are looking for inch perfect functionality of the website, it is quite vital that you add the custom fields to the order data on the product page. This will not only boost up the user experience but also pave the path for easy navigation which is the most vital component for the success of Ecommerce business.

Custom fields are the convenient highlight that permits you to add different extra information/data to your posts and pages. A great deal of famous modules and subjects utilize custom fields to store significant information. You can likewise utilize custom fields to store your own information and afterward use it on your site.

So let’s try to figure out the process of doing this

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custom field on product page

How do I add a custom field on product page?

To add a custom field on the product page, you need to adhere to the following steps:

Create a template of your product

The first step is to create a customized product Shopify template and name it product-custom.liquid

custom field on product page

Build-up a Shopify section known as product-custom-template and paste the code from product-template section.

Build-up a Shopify section known as product-custom-template

On the very product page, alter the product suffix to product.custom

On the very product page, alter the product suffix to product.custom

Create the Custom Fields

Visit Shopify UI Elements Generator

Create a new custom field over there

Create the Custom Fields

Copy the code that is generated

Copy the code that is generated

Paste the code before submit

The simplest method for adding custom fields to Shopify Product Page

By a wide margin the most straightforward method for adding Shopify custom fields is to utilize the Product Add-Ons Ultimate module. This will permit you to add any kind of custom field to Shopify Product Page items in a basic and clear manner.

What is the distinction between custom fields and attributes?

In any case, hang tight, you may say. Doesn’t Shopify as of now enable us to add custom fields through qualities and varieties?

Not actually: any item in Shopify, whether it’s basic or variable, is basically fixed. You add the depiction, the value, the characteristics and those are continuously going to be no different for each client.

With custom fields, the item is possibly unique for each client. In the event that you are selling wristbands that can be engraved with a name, every client will enter their own name. You can’t make credits for that.

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custom field on product page

How to exhibit extra product information in Shopify with the usage of data fields?

As said there were two kinds of Shopify custom fields. The main kind of custom fields are utilized to show additional data about the item to the client.

Two or three things to note about these additional fields:

  • They’re well designed in a basic table making them simple to perceive and implying that you don’t have to add any of your own styles
  • Each piece of information can have its own column
  • You can incorporate a symbol or a picture with each piece of information
  • You can incorporate a title or a name, for example ‘Store’, then further details, for example ‘4MB Smart Cache’

Adding Custom Field on Product Page: A Vital Move for the Business

Custom fields are the one stop solution that enables you to add distinct information to the post and pages. To let your Ecommerce platform stay ahead in the competitive marketplace, you need to perform at the peak of your service delivery and this is only possible when you utilize the capability of adding custom field to the product page. There are innumerable WordPress Plugins and themes that are known for using custom fields for storing vital data and information. So, this is often used to store our own data and then further use it on the website.

There are innumerable service providers in the market that can get you the job done. So, before you move ahead with any important decision in regards to your Shopify store, do remember that to choose the  best service provider available in the market that could reinforce your company with countless in-built and customized IT solutions and services, especially adding custom field on the product page. 

Wrapping up

Right away after the commencement of 4th Industrial revolution, Ecommerce businesses are soaring at the top of any available marketplace across the globe.To grab the best out of investing in Ecommerce platform, it’s better to add custom fields to the order data on the product page.

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