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Why would you require Shopify app store support?

Shopify becomes successful as they adapt the changes in user experience instantly. Hence, Shopify keep pushing updates to their eco-system (i.e: Shopify Apps, Shopify APIs, Shopify themes etc) to cop-up with the trend.

If you have published any app to Shopify app store then the job is not done there. You have to be up-to-date with Shopify’s frequent updates. So you would always require someone who knows in-and-out of Shopify who can do this Shopify app upgrade task instantly. That is why you would require reputed Shopify app development company who can provide support for the public Shopfiy apps.


ShopiVogue can provide you support for

  • shopify-public-app

    Auditing of your Shopify public app

    Our expert team of Shopify app development can help you review your Shopify app ready to publish on app store. It is crucial to perform auditing before submitting the app for review as Shopify’s guidelines are strict and Shopify can ban your app if it faces several rejections from the shopify review team.

  • shopify-private-app

    Push updates requested by Shopify app store

    Shopify keep pushing updates to their eco-system and Shopify apps are one of them. So it is necessary to keep your Shopify apps updated with the request from the Shopify app store otherwise your app can be restricted to app store. Our expert team can help you to push such updates.

  • shopify-api-intigration

    Support requests from Shopify merchants

    Shopify is giving more importance to app support services. Our team can be your technical support team to help your customers (Shopify merchants) to resolve their queries. We can assign Shopify app expert who can be available on your time to provide support services to your merchants.

Know WHY

Why Shopivogue for Shopify app support services?

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    Personal approach

    We tailor our support services to each client’s specific requirements.

  • shopify-app-development

    Efficient support tools

    We use modern support tools to make support service more joyful.

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    We have decade of Shopify experience that makes you worry free about technicalities required to maintain your Shopify app.

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    24/7 customer support

    We operate every minute, even on holidays, to support you!

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    Most transparent and affordable pricing

    Our prices may vary, but we tailor our services to your needs and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are just a click away. We are available on Emails, Whatsapp, Facebook, Chat and any support tool you are comfortable to use.

The active support is available from 10 am IST to 7 pm IST, but we have passive support available 24 X 7 X 365. 

We have different support models available. It can be monthly, quarterly or yearly support. In some cases we provide week basis support also.