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Shopify mobile app that helps to expand online store

The Shopify is the leading ecommerce platform which is designed in such a way that all sizes of business can use. For example, sell online, on social media, in store, etc. It offers many key features to merchants and shoppers, but they need more than the platform provides off the shelf. They are thinking about boost sales, increase order value, reduce cart abandonment, etc.

now a days, most of the users are turning towards mobile commerce, which performs commercial activities with the help of wireless handheld devices like mobile phones or tablets. Is there some key feature that merchants and shoppers can apply to their ecommerce store? Yes, The Shopify mobile app comes into the play.

In this article, we are introducing about Shopify mobile app development framework, Selection steps for best Shopify mobile app builder, Basic steps to convert Shopify online store to mobile app, Advantages of Shopify mobile app, Challenge of Shopify mobile app.

Shopify offers different apps for iPhone and Android. Shopify mobile apps extends the existing functionality of Shopify store and improving customer experience.

Shopify mobile app development framework

A mobile app framework is a software creation platform which contains different tool and software, compiler, debugging tool, programming interface, etc. It offers several built-in benefits, for example speed, effectiveness, bug free atmosphere, etc. It can be classified into three categories: native apps, web apps and hybrid apps.

Native apps are designed for a particular platform or device. (? example) hybrid apps are the combined software application of both native app and a web app. Web app runs on a web server.

There are several mobile app development frameworks for both iOS and Android users. Select the best free and open-source framework which has some key features like more rapid development, cross platform, visuals that are both appealing and engaging, performance that is pretty similar to that of native.

Selection steps for best Shopify mobile app builder

  • Features: The mobile app offers smart features which are necessary for our business and really beneficially for merchants and shoppers.
  • Language support: Ecommerce may be local or international. So, language support is heart of ecommerce \ mobile app. It’s always better to have more language available, otherwise it gives bad experience for users.
  • Native iOS and android app: make sure about mobile apps which is native or not. It gives a better experience to users.
  • Theme option: Your product should look in your mobile app as beautiful as in your web store. So, users have to check that mobile app offers many different themes options.
  • Customer service: make sure the mobile app has a great customer service.
  • Shopify plugin: Shopify plugin is developed by individual developers and teams which are used to create your store into mobile app. It is affordable, fast development, native app development.

Basic steps to convert Shopify online store to mobile app

With the advancing in technology, users need a smart Shopify app to convert Shopify online store to mobile app. With the help of Shopify app, you can create mobile apps on the basis of your online store, you will get more detail about product and customer for your analysis.

  • Select the best Shopify app: There are many options are available on Shopify app store, but you can select an app which is most reviewed by the customer so you can get idea how good their support is.
  • Set up your account: once you have selected an app builder, sign up for an account. There is a free trial option, you can try it and decide whether it fulfills all your need or need to find its alternative. Here are few things you need to check off as must have features:
    • Fully native iOS and android app for flawless customer experience
    • Ideal and native checkout experience
    • Allow apple pay and android pay for better each checkout option
    • Social media integration for more customer engagement
    • Push notification
    • Real time purchase and app analysis
    • Language support
  • Add your Shopify store to the app: Shopify app will make it easy for you to create a native app for your store. All you need to do is, add the link to your Shopify store. This will enable mobile app creator to pull information from your product listing and get the main categories, navigation, etc. of the app ready.
  • Customize your app: Preview the app generated using the Shopify mobile app creator which offers you various customization and also will guide you on how to do it.
  • Publish your app on both android and iOS application: Before publishing your app, make sure that all necessary items to set up on your app. Then get approval for publishing to the store. Thus, you will need to publish your Shopify app on both android and iOS app play store and your Shopify app will run in applied and related app store

Advantages of Shopify mobile app

  • It is faster that offers great experience for users.
  • It is easy to send push notification and instant updates.
  • It covers more audience in a short time, so marketing cost is comparatively low.
  • It attends preferences of customers.
  • It offers customer product recommendation.
  • It offers customer loyalty and app promotion.
  • It boosts your brand image.
  • It increases your sales and conversion.

Challenge of Shopify mobile app

  • Sometimes it may happen that users have just started Shopify online store and they don’t want to shift Shopify mobile app.
  • User has not sufficient resources.
  • User is concerned about app store and play store submission
  • User is worried about the cost and time required for developing apps separately for both android and iOS.


Shopify mobile app offers various key features that help to expand the users Shopify online store. The Shopify mobile app used native mobile app development framework which is designed for a specific device or platform. To convert online store into The Shopify mobile app, gives better performance and customer experience.


Shopify provides outstanding mobile app. User can use the Shopify mobile app on their handheld device like a mobile phone. With the help of the Shopify mobile app, user can convert their online store business to mobile app and boost their online store business.

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