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What’s new with Shopify Plus and POS Referral tracking from 2022?

As a Shopify partner, now you can earn money through the Shopify Referral tracking, Shopify Plus, and Shopify POS. By submitting the Shopify POS and Shopify Plus leads, one can conveniently view the referral history on the referral section of dashboard. 

From the lead page itself, one can track the status of the submitted leads to further sort and filter them before assigning it to the concerned person.

Submit a Shopify POS or Shopify Plus lead

  • From your Partner Dashboard, click Referrals.
  • On the Leads page, clicks submit a POS lead or submit a Plus lead.
  • Enter the information requested for your referral and click Submit.

You’ll receive a submission confirmation email from Shopify with the details of your Shopify Referral tracking and the lead will appear in the Submitted leads table.

View the details about a lead

From the Leads page, click on a lead in the Submitted leads table to view the following details:

  • The current status of the lead and what to expect next
  • A timeline of the status changes of the lead
  • The Shopify sales representative assigned to the lead
  • The details of the lead you provided during submission

Search for a lead

  • You can sort the leads in the Submitted leads table by column, including status, name, and more.
  • You can also search for leads using the lead contact name, lead contact email address, business name, or website URL.
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Shopify Plus Integration has gone effective from Shopify Edition’2022

It’s time to go beyond the limitation of your store with latest features available on the platform supporting Shopify Plus integration. Being an exceptional platform for small to medium and then large size business, it invariably encourages the enhancement of customer experience in a long run.

The first and foremost benefit is that you don’t need any crew to work on the server and back-end programmed because the platform is already hosted. In this way, you will save time figuring out the way to integrate software solution and start retargeting ads.

Secondly, Shopify sent off two amazing assets called Flow and Shopify’s Launchpad. Shopify Flow computerizes interior methodology; however it can likewise automate information synchronization between viable applications and Shopify plus updates. Then again, Shopify planned the Launchpad framework to automate publicizing and deals as opposed to back-end functionalities with Shopify feature updates

Third, the checkout experience in your store is too much vital for sales, and Shopify Plus for sure gives a framework that fits those measures. Their checkout cycle is actually customizable, permitting you to make rich encounters that can integrate ERP, 3PL, OMS, IMS, and other business platforms.

Different integration in Shopify Plus to boost up your business with Shopify feature updates 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The best way to interlink your back-office and storefront is to incorporate a dynamic ERP solution. It is one of the most phenomenal methods of boosting up the sale ratio. What better process of speeding up the sale could be there rather than integrating the Shopify with Enterprise resource planning management eventually leading to the syncing up of order, product and inventory data.

Warehouse management System (WMS)

When you integrate wit warehouse management system, you get a assurance that your store will automatically get the basic operational fundamentals. Here, Shopify API Integration ensures that there are no packing errors and the entire stock levels and location are running seamlessly. With the stock numbers intact, there is neither over-selling nor the out-of-stock problems. On top of that with rapid and efficient service, the sale ratio will keep on growing.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM permits you to dispose of cumbersome cycles and manual labor to return to business. Plus, you’ll create more leads, close more exchanges, hold more clients, and extend your business. Since all client data is put away in one area, your conversations are dependably private, important, and updated.

As per Nucleus Research, while 60% of organizations had put resources into CRM integration, under 33% of those organizations had extended that integration to different frameworks. Simultaneously, there is an extra cost related with accomplishing expanded integration. Organizations that effectively coordinate CRMs into different frameworks could understand a 20 to 30 percent expansion in deals.

Coordinated frameworks empower predictable informing across the client venture, bringing about a smoother experience for leads as they convert to clients. It implies that you can move contacts shaped through marketing innovations all the more effectively to deals through CRM.

Subsequently, on the off chance that an organization believes its deals and marketing groups should be basically as productive as could really be expected, it ought to investigate CRM integration.


Accounting integration is also another aspect that can get you a substantial growth in the business. To analyze the investment and prepare a strategy for precise growth, you need the basic record between the storefront and financial team and this is only possible with Shopify plus accounting integration.

Point of Sale (POS)

Having many storefronts, they must display the exact and current data. Post combining the Shopify plus and POS system, you can converge the transaction at one place that is convenient to you. Instantly your orders get synchronized and they start reflecting on a single dashboard.


Marketing software arrives at the right client with impeccable timing and spot. At the point when you combine your marketing software with Shopify Plus, the two frameworks scale together, improving the viability of your marketing and sales.

You can find out about your buyers by utilizing mechanized information adjusts, which feed into individual profiles. This way can likewise further develop the buying experience for the client, which prompts more transformations and more viable targeted marketing. The more your integrated frameworks cooperate, the more noteworthy your sales potential!

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So, this is all from Shopify feature updates 2022 that are viably being chased after in the current ecommerce market. To let your online store soar high in the market, its is quite vital to grab these benefits.