Extend functionality of your Shopify store beyond Shopify's limitation

Shopify Private App Development Services

Many Shopify merchants requires custom features to give unique user experience to their users. At ShopiVogue, our team of expert Shopify developers helps to extend the features of Shopify store by creating Shopify private apps.

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Why would you require to develop Shopify Private App?

Many merchants requires custom functionalities to improve user experience and such functionalities are not available with the Shopify. In this case merchant would require to build the private Shopify apps with the help of Shopify API or Shopify storefront API which works only for his Shopify store and not available to Shopify app store. Shopify private app is best way to differentiate your store from others.

How Shopify private app benefits to Shopify merchants?

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    Extended function and features

    You can extend the features of Shopify beyond its limitations through Shopify private app. The application of Shopify private app is not just limited to user experience, but it can be also used to optimize the eCommerce back office process or to save the cost of external services or Shopify apps.

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    Shopify APIs ease the use of data exchange

    Shopify APIs used under Shopify private app can help us to connect Shopify data to other utilities outside of Shopify. Such custom Shopify apps, makes data and other store-related information exchange easy.

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    Automating task for B2B platforms

    Shopify private app is very helpful for B2B marketplace. Shopify private App created by any Shopify app development company can helps to automate the tasks such as report generation, image upload, synchronizing order/history transactions and more.

Why choose Shopivogue for Shopify private app development?

Superior guidance

Apart from creating a robust Shopify private app for our merchant, the Shopivogue team provide additional guidance to understand the Shopify ecommerce store better. These guidelines let the merchant know the future risk associated with technical or business strategies.

We will hold your hand throughout

We would shape your idea into reality. As a leading Shopify app development company with most experienced Shopify developers, we hold your hand throughout your journey from creating to deploying to maintaining your Shopify private app. We keep you aware of the nuances related to Shopify private apps.

Quality assurance teamwork

The most crucial part while concluding the Shopify private app is running a QA test. None of the products/apps is delivered without QA. An App that our developer’s test stands still amongst all the competitive apps; by making it a state-of-art product!

Smart & Affordable price model

We have dedicated Shopify app developers that are outsourced hourly or based on projects. We ensure transparency about pricing towards our clients. It makes the bonds stronger between merchants and Shopivogue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private apps are built explicitly for your Shopify store, rather than Public app that works with many stores. Shopify private apps are used to add features to Shopify admin, access the store’s data directly using Shopify’s APIs, or expand your ecommerce store to other platforms using Storefront API.

  • Click Settings > Apps and sales channel from Shopify Admin
  • Click on Develop Apps.
  • To update the permissions of an app, click its name.
  • Select the store data you want the app to access in the Storefront API area under Storefront API permissions.

Shopify public apps are app that is available on Shopify app store and any merchant can use that app whereas the Shopify private apps are app that is created for a specific Shopify store only and not available to Shopify app store.

The Shopify app can be integrated with the Shopify app bridge, a private app. It uses the OAuth2 protocol to verify Shopify apps. Shopify app bridge has several features that make it a valuable option for integrating Shopify with other apps.