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Develop Shopify Public App to publish on Shopify app store

Develop Shopify Public App and attract other Shopify merchants to increase their eCommerce experience and attract broader target audience. Our Shopify public app expert team can help you to make your Shopify app go public

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Shopify App Development Company

Our Shopify app development company is proficient in:

  • Craft new Shopify public app from stratch to publish on Shopify app store
  • Review & Audit of the shopify app created by other team
  • Shopify Integration of current app to other third party shopify apps

Concept to Prototype to Production and Support for your Shopify public app

Shopify Public apps are considered a boon to startup companies. Many applications are available on the Shopify app store that helps merchants to increase their productivity by giving better user engagement, analyzing sales performance, social media branding, and so on!

Shopivogue is an experienced Shopify app Development Company that helps solve the generic issue of Shopify store merchants by publishing apps on the Shopify app store and making the sales profit worthwhile!

Full fledged shopify app development
Certified Shopify Partner

What we do being Certified Shopify Partner

Check the technicalities involved in our offerings below:

  • We help apps to be hosted on AWS or any other cloud infrastructure for performance improvement and security.
  • Mapping of information architecture and user workflow.
  • Our Shopify Polaris helps built customized user interfaces.
  • Tailored API and Back-end database.
  • Integration of your app to another apps available in marketplace.
  • Create smoother billing to manage your subscribers we use Shopify billing API.
  • Full fledged Shopify app development with as per your requirements.
  • Full auditing of the Shopify app as per Shopify’s Guideline before making it live
  • Upgrade your Public Shopify app as and when needed to Shopify App Store

Why ShopiVogue for Shopify Public App ?

10+ years of experience working with Shopify APIs

Shopify has the most robust tool, Shopify API, which has unlimited benefits. We are a trusted Shopify App Development company with highly skilled seasonal employees working on the Shopify App store solutions. They built codes that work smoothly with Shopify APIs.

We are an award-winning Shopify App Development Company

Shopivogue is known for providing professional and quality Shopify app services. Our team follows an ongoing project-management process that gives continuous success in delivering the best solution for your Shopify Public App.

Instant technical support and testing service

Shopify public app development is the process of data exchange between the website and Shopify API. Shopivogue team performs a superior testing activity for the Shopify Public app that ensures a bug-free and seamless exchange of the data.

Budget-friendly Shopify Public App Development

Being one stop Shopify application development company, we have catered all types of customers. Either any Shopify agency want to outsource their shopify app project Or individual merchant looking to increase their ROI and scale their business with  Shopify public app.  We are able to offer you budget friendly solution because we know in-and-out of Shopify and have created various kind of solutinos that we can reuse. 

Frequently Asked Questions

An app that can be listed on the Shopify app store and available to use for all the Shopify merchants in the Shopify ecosystem called Shopify Public App.  

There are three ways to install shopify public app on the Shopify store:

  1. Install via the Shopify app store.
  2. Install via third-party install link.
  3. Install a custom app via a unique install link.


Install via the Shopify app store,

  1. Login to the Shopify App store
  2. Find the app you want to install and click on it.
  3. Click on Install app on Shopify Admin to authorize the app.
  4. You can view and use the app after being installed from the Apps page in Shopify Admin.

Install via third-party install link,

  1. Get the app installed from the developer’s site and click on the link
  2. Click on install app to authorize the use of the app in Shopify admin.

(P.S: Third-party app install links work only for apps created before December 5, 2019. You will get an error message if a third-party install link is made after that).

Install a custom app via a unique install link,

  1. Get the app installed by the developer and click on it.
  2. Click Install app in Shopify Admin to authorize the use of the app.

(P.S: Custom installs expire after seven days. The app developer needs to provide a new link if it expires).

It is totally depend on the functionalities the Shopify app requires. But generally, the Shopify public apps cost should start from $5k and should can go upto $50k.

If you have the partner account available that will be great. If not you can create the new partner account from www.shopify.com/partners. If you don’t want to create partner account then we can utilize our partner account to create the shopify public app.