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What is Shopify Store 2.0?

Shopify store 2.0 consist of a set of improvised features, making the theme app easier, so it can be more flexible and easier to maintain. Shopify 2.0 release date was 29th June 2021. Shopify store features depend on JSON templates. You can either migrate or convert the liquid template to JSON to add support to this feature. Shopify store 2.0 themes are much faster than the older version of Shopify themes.

Shopify store 2.0
Why upgrade to Shopify Store 2.0?

Why should you upgrade to Shopify store 2.0?

Are you a market seller and willing to expand your business? Are you thinking of scaling your small business into an enterprise? Shopify store 2.0 has arrived with essential features, themes, and tools that can be essential for your business. Shopify is back with three critical areas like theme and editor, store content, and developer tools.

How to Migrate to Shopify 2.0 themes

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    Download a free Shopify 2.0 theme from the store

    Upgrade the store’s look by downloading a free Shopify 2.0 theme named Shopify Dawn Theme. This theme can be customized as per your need.

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    Download a Shopify 2.0 theme version of your current paid theme

    You can manually add the latest theme version to the store if a theme requires an updated version used by Shopify store 2.0. If your current theme provider does not have the upgraded version of the theme, our Shopify theme expert can help you develop Shopify 2.0 theme.

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    Develop Shopify store 2.0 theme manually

    If you want to take advantage of online store 2.0 features, you can migrate single templates in a specific part of a theme or migrate the entire theme by migrating all the templates. Shopivogue developers are experts as they have a deep understanding of Liquid, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript migration.

Merchants use Shopify 2.0 online themes for their ecommerce stores. Shopify “Dawn” theme is an example of a Shopify theme. We use Shopify CLI for Shopify theme development while working with Shopify store 2.0, which is open-source. Shopify GitHub integration is also used with Shopify CLI, which adds version control to the developing themes.

The Shopify GitHub integration allows users to connect their GitHub account to their Shopify login and then correlate Git stores to themes in the Shopify admin. Shopivogue supports tracking changes in theme code that can assist you with other developers in sharing real-time store progress.

How to setup Shopify Store 2.0?

What's new in Shopify store 2.0?

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    Enhanced theme design

    The enhanced theme options have generated more ways and features that customize themes. Our expert helps to customize the theme from scratch as per merchant requirements, such as adding, removing, or re-arranging sections in the entire website.

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    Components of application

    Shopify online store 2.0 has an easy-to-go interface that helps you to manage, work or host an app. Our Shopify expert developers can add and remove user interface components with the help of app modularity.

  • readymade-theme-setup

    Theme editor

    Meta fields and properties such as the Meta field file picker allow users to upload necessary media for product pages in the theme editor. We help you to suggest adding content on the page wherever required, including additional information that is necessary for genuine buyers.

  • shopify-store-2.0

    Introducing Shopify dawn theme

    The Shopify dawn theme was the first open-source reference Shopify 2.0 theme. The dawn uses online shop 2.0 features such as improved performance, new cart capabilities, increased accessibility, fully customizable design, and the introduction of sections and app blocks. * This theme loads 35% faster than the competition.

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    Improved checkout experience

    Our expert developers create a seamless checkout experience that permits any store to deal with many checkouts. The checkout customization is also done with payment options like enabling BNPL- Buy Now Pay Later, if your online store is quite famous. The pay less feature increases conversion and average order values for merchants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopify 2.0 release date is 29th June 2021

It has improvised its loading speed, which gives a smooth user experience and increases site conversion rate and SEO. Due to the Shopify Dawn theme, the loading speed is 35% faster, and checkout is loaded twice as fast as before!