Bring life into your business with Shopify custom theme setup.

Shopify Readymade Theme Setup services

We built themes that are result-driven and make your websites attractive. Shopivogue experts unlock the whole perspective of your business. Our Shopify theme development stands out from millions of premium Readymade theme setups and presents great stores to your customers.

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Why is a custom website necessary?

You have got an idea of how your store should look like.

 You want to avoid typical or ongoing templates and stand out from competitors.

Your business model requires personalized functions and design, and you are tired of finding a theme that combines both.


Benefits of Shopify custom theme development:

Distinctive user experience

When the functions are customized, you can attract an audience your competitors can’t. A well-structured UX makes an easy store that lures shoppers to visit again.

One-of-a-kind design

When many businesses opt for one kind of theme, the stores look almost the same. A customized theme design will be one-of-its-kind and drives excellent sales.

Endless possibilities

Readymade themes have code limits and can be hard to change in a certain way, while a custom theme allows you to change anything.


In the era where accessibility is considered a primary requirement, it’s good to secure your business legally by building a store right from the initial stage. It is not possible in a readymade theme.

Business growth

A developed online store with an exclusive theme gives new standards and shapes your business into new horizons. Moreover, a customized theme is quick and cheap, while a readymade theme takes hours for developers to set up.

Smooth store management

Shopify custom theme development consists of a thorough analysis of how business works. It gives possibilities to build apps that are required to be optimized from the start by saving many hours.

What do Shopify theme sections consist of?

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    Different design

    The appearance of your establishment from the outside is presented.

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    Different functions

    The themes are already added to Shopify Admin, which merchants can change from inside.

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    Different structure

    Along with the required templates, you get a custom set of templates
    Shopify custom theme development process.

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    Analyzing Idea

    We go into the core idea of business and provide the best way out.

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    Rough designing

    We create a design of your choice, or if you already have a design, we think about the functions to be added, and if not, we create everything from our side.

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    Development of design

    When the template structure is created, we start coding into it. We start with creating central aspects of themes and organizing them to the merchant’s store for test, demo, and looking for any improvement required.

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    You can review the theme customized by us in your way. It can be viewing a theme demo, reading a report, or jumping to calls with themes.

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    Q.A. Analyzing

    At the conclusion stage, we run a Q.A. test from our side. Then we pass the theme to the client and ask them for any required changes.

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    Shopify theme support and launch

    We are happy because you are happy with the result. But don’t worry; we continue to support you, even if any query occurs in the future.


Shopivogue helps to launch a responsive theme with Shopify!

A theme represents your ecommerce store and is considered your virtual marketing executive. It speaks about your brand and business. Readymade themes have advantages like instant access to demos and the home page for how they will look.

Suppose you are willing to go with readymade themes available on the store page. In that case, Shopivogue is a Shopify theme development company that has a team of dedicated developers that will assist you in analyzing and deciding the best themes.

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    Theme’s cost

    A user who has subscribed to a paid plan always opts for the free benefits they receive in the plan rather than paying for one more. As a leading Shopify theme development company, we understand your feeling and are ready to serve as per your purpose. We provide theme support such as customization, ROI, and overall look and feel of the theme before recommending the store to you.

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    Analyzing competitor stores:

    An essential part of business strategy is to analyze competitors’ business. Similarly, choosing the best Shopify theme is to analyze where your competitor is lacking in terms of design UX and helps choose the best amongst the available themes.

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    User experience for customer:

    Your online store is driven by user experience. Once your website is full of excellent graphics and images, you can quickly help the customer fulfill their purpose. When you opt to go with the readymade theme, we help you analyze the theme’s look and suggest whether it would give a great user experience.

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    The behavior of theme for many products:

    The best Shopify themes are highly flexible and responsive. If you want to increase the number of products displayed in your online store, you can easily accommodate it without any performance issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can follow the below steps to create a theme from scratch:

  • Install Shopify CLI.

(P.S.: It is a command line tool that helps to create a Shopify theme)

  • Use Dawn to initialize a new theme.
  • Start a local development server.
  • Upload the theme to a store.
  • Publish your theme.
  • In the Theme library section, click on add theme.
  • Click on Upload Zip file.
  • Click on Choose file from the upload theme window and select the ZIP file you want to upload.
  • Click on Upload.
  • The theme will be automatically be added to the Theme page of the admin.

Listed are the top 10 themes for Shopify:

  1. Wookiee
  2. Kalles
  3. Furniture
  4. Mobile
  5. Pacific
  6. Handy
  7. Material
  8. Doni
  9. Minimal
  10. Ella