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The role of Shopify store 2.0 that helps to design a decent online store

Are you a marketplace seller and you are finding extra resources to expand your business? You want to shift a small-scale business to large scale business and move toward the online store.

As earlier, business has a boundary for selling and buying a product. Now, ecommerce (business) hasn’t. Merchants and shoppers can sell or buy a product over the worldwide. Shopify is the best ecommerce platform. Its event Shopify unite is held on 29th June 2021. The Shopify store 2.0 has announced at this event.

In this article, we are introducing about Shopify store 2.0, its key features, Shopify theme development, pros and cons of Shopify store 2.0.

The Shopify store 2.0 offers new features, themes and developer tool which are useful for merchants and shoppers. Shopify is redesigned with three leading areas of its online store: theme and online editors, store content and developer tools. With a new store, everyone gets an option to create, customize, scale and monetize on Shopify.

Features of Shopify store 2.0

  • Upgraded theme architecture: The updated theme architecture for online store which has more straightforward and more adaptable customization option for the merchants. Up to this point, merchant has been restricted in how they represent their business in online store on Shopify. With the adaptability of the section being restricted to only on the home page. Now, merchants can add sections not only home page but also every page of Shopify store meaning that the merchant can add, remove and re-arrange sections throughout the web site.
  • App modularity:With the help of app modularity, developers can add and remove user interface components using the theme editor without viewing the theme code. With Shopify store 2.0 simple to use interface, you can manage, work and host an apps supporting resources for your app.
  • Theme editor: The theme editor which allows merchants to add meta fields and properties. There is no need of APIs or any types of coding. By using this, you can add any content to the product page, including additional information which are useful for the potential buyers. You can also change the data unlikely appear in the store editor using meta fields. Meta field supports a lot of media like images or PDF file. Meta filed file picker allows user to upload and the selective media for the product pages.
  • Theme ‘dawn’: The theme ‘dawn’ is the first open-source reference theme. The dawn utilizes online store 2.0 features which give better performance, new cart capabilities, more accessibility, full customize design and inclusion of sections and app blocks. * This theme loads 35% faster than the other popular themes.
  • Better checkout experience: Shopify store 2.0 gives better checkout experience which is quicker, permitting any store to deal with a huge number of exchanges each moment. These checkout modifications will work with shop pay. Moreover, purchase now, pay later option is available to enhance the buying experience on your online store business which turns out more famous now a days. It enables shoppers to pay less upfront while increasing conversions and average order values for merchants.
  • New developer tools: Shopify store 2.0 introduces new Shopify Features to build apps and theme for developers. To support these changes, Shopify introduces new developer tools like Shopify GitHub integration, Shopify CLI tool and theme check.
  • File API: The file API can create, update and delete generic files with the newer version 2021-07. The file API allows merchants to use different file for different apps. A developer can access the settings or files through new file API. The graphQL API is delivered in this form that makes it simple you to transfer or choose existing media records through settings or files.

The help of Shopify store 2.0

Shopify store 2.0 offers sections over the entire web pages so we can set our product in a decent way.

With the help of meta field and properties, merchants can add unique information about product for example, to display total burning time of the candle.

Shopify store 2.0 gives an opportunity to join GitHub account so we can use the GitHub library for building apps and themes.

The response of the theme dawn is fast. So, it loads faster than the other themes.

With help of store 2.0 features, developers can design a wide variety of apps and themes for merchants.

There is a facility to migrate the theme to Shopify store 2.0

Shopify theme development

Shopify themes are the templates our merchant use of their ecommerce store. The theme ‘dawn’ is an example of Shopify theme. When we are working with Shopify store 2.0, use Shopify CLI for Shopify theme development. Shopify CLI is open source. Sometime you can use Shopify GitHub integration with Shopify CLI to add version control to the themes that you are developing. Shopify GitHub integration permits user to interface the GitHub account with your Shopify login and afterward associate Git stores to themes in your Shopify admin. This connection supports you to make and track changes in the theme code. It also assists you to unite with other developers and share progress in real time.

There are several Shopify themes available, for example, foodie, dawn, vantage, etc. There is basic eight steps in Shopify theme development.

    • Install Shopify CLI on MacOS or windows
    • Initialize a new theme using dawn, which is reference theme and easy to use
    • Authentic with Shopify CLI
    • Preview your theme
    • Push your theme to a new GitHub repository
    • Install the Shopify GitHub integration and connect your branch to your store
    • Test your connection
    • Publish your theme

Pros and Cons of Shopify store 2.0


      • It adds sections not only on home page but also everywhere to any part of your online store.
      • Online store offers a variety of themes and designs. But the theme ‘dawn’ is faster than the other themes.
      • Access to easy to apply theme changes on all pages.
      • It is easy and more convenient apps integration.
      • Shopify store 2.0 offers several features so the merchant has the capacity to create new pages with new designs with less support from developers
      • It has ability to customize checkout section
      • It has native integration of meta fields


      • It provides various theme selection options, but it provides only one free theme that is ‘dawn’.
      • When we are designed store in the old version, it cannot run-on the new version. For this, it requires a specific coding structure.


Shopify store 2.0 is the leading part of ecommerce platform. It offers upgraded theme architecture, app modularity, theme editor, the theme ‘dawn’, better checkout experience, new developer tools, etc., which gives a better experience to design and develop online store. (The theme dawn is free and faster than the other theme)


The Shopify store 2.0 gives merchants the more supportive control and opportunity to accomplish more on the ecommerce platform. With the new online shop, anyone can develop, configure, scale and monetize their own Shopify business.

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